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The Bedworth Symphony Orchestra was founded by Tony Coad in 1972, under the auspices of the Bedworth Civic Society. The orchestra quickly grew from an initial membership of just nine players to around thirty by the end of its first year.

The orchestra’s first public performance took place on the 20th October 1971 at Nicholas Chamberlain School. The programme provided a ‘varied selection of works, ranging from music from the shows to a full symphony’.

By 1973 the orchestra had progressed to works such as Beethoven’s 8th Symphony and the Bach Piano Concerto in D minor.

Throughout its history  the orchestra has held regular rehearsals and concerts, and continues to play a varied selection of works. The orchestra has also performed new works, such as Iain Masson’s ‘Suite of Kitchenettes' in 2003 and Jonas Lovgren’s ‘Stolt’ in 2009.
The orchestra rehearsing at the Bedworth Civic Hall, 2003.